In a number of ways, this past year has put my inner strength to the test. After experiencing my highest highs and lowest lows, I’ve come to realize the importance of acceptance. I had a sense of self-entitlement as if the world was mine to conquer and shape in my own vision of perfection; when in reality, the world is here to shape me into the person I am meant to become. I have learned to accept the things I cannot change, and simply appreciate the present for what it is.

This year has also taught me that life is merely a series of experiences meant to teach us all valuable lessons. I am young. I am here to make mistakes, to fall, to hurt, to cry, to learn. I am here to understand that I am not perfect and neither are the people around me. This played an important role in teaching me the value of humility, forgiveness, and understanding. But I’m still learning.

"A woman’s loyalty is tested when her man has nothing. A man’s loyalty is tested when he has everything."

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Boss - Tinashe (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

This time I’d like to keep in touch
I’m a little bit wiser, a whole lot tougher
If I suffer through another nightmare tonight
We’ll chalk it up as another chapter to write, all right?
Or wrong or somewhere down the middle of the road
I wanna see you again in a scene with the backdrop a perfect ten
And the music can take us back to the spot right then.

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Anonymous said: I can't believe I came across your tumblr[: I used to go to high school with you and thought you were the most inspiring girl ever. You were always social, pretty, and smart. I always wanted to talk to you in school but didn't think I would be able to, haha but on here I can. I just wanted to let you know[: Good luck in life

This has got to be the sweetest thing to wake up to. Thank you, love! And you should say hello some time. I’d love to meet you.

It’s weird how sometimes you just wake up and feel differently. 

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Damn, on repeat.

To calm me down.



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